Every now and again I make a valiant attempt to run my website the way I advise my clients to run theirs. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t believe in the advice I give, I know that the practices I try to encourage in my clients are sound, it’s just that I’m usually so busy with other people’s websites and artwork that my own, regrettably, often takes a back seat. I think that’s perfectly normal for any small businesses whatever trade you practice, at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

So with that in mind I asked one of my long standing clients to write me a short testimonial so that I could update some of the one’s already on my site – my intention was to update my portfolio at the same time as it’s so out of date now… I will get to it… eventually… honestly!

However I wasn’t quite expecting what came back and, it’s fair to say, I was stunned by her comments.

So I’ve decided to share it in it’s entirety with you all…

When Jon first approached me with regards to writing a review about the website he designed for me I was initially unsure on what to write.

“Bloody Brilliant!” wasn’t quite the right response he was after! So I thought the best thing I could do would be to start from the beginning and just explain how the website and subsequent friendship has progressed. Hopefully this will give you a valuable insight into Jon, his work ethic and his business The Bournemouth Web Design Company.

In 2013, when Jon and I first started talking, I had a free website. At the time I thought it was great. All I had to do was drag and drop pictures into a set template, write a few words and there it was I had my own website. Who needs a web designer… Ha!

I look back now and I realise that although it served its purpose giving me an online presence, that presence was not by any standards professional, nor did it generate the leads and subsequent business I get today.

Jon explained the importance of taking the next step , investing, giving my customers that wow factor from that first point of contact.  I admit I was dubious at first and it took me nearly 2 years to decide to take the risk and go for it.

What changed my mind? I was getting fed up with the constant struggle for clients as more and more newbies joined the profession with less skill and cheaper rates inevitably taking business away from me. I needed to show my skill level and experience at a glance. I needed to prove I was a cut above the rest! I couldn’t do that in today’s modern world with the same old templated site as every other person, where real people are hardly ever seen, everyone is used to avatars and business conducted solely online.

Why The Bournemouth Web Design Company?

Before becoming self employed I came from a customer service and sales background. As soon my free website went online I, as I’m sure you also get, was continuously contacted by web designers/SEO experts all touting for business. I chose Jon because (sorry Jon) he’s not the best salesman. He doesn’t give the slick speech and the slimey emails promising the best this that and the other! He just says it how it is. When he’s doing so, whether he realises or not, the passion and the fact that everything has to be just right and in its place comes out in his voice and subsequently in his final product, as you’ll find out for yourself when you meet him.

Jon and I met and discussed the current website. Jon asked a lot of in depth questions about the content, my work, my customers and much more. A few days later he came back to me with a quote and what can only be described as superb drawings taken from that discussion on how the new website could look. Over the next month or so we met on various occasions discussing the progress until the new site was ready to launch. Jon managed to take what I saw in my head, make it better and put it on screen. WOW!

I admit I was worried then about the amount of money it was going to cost. Please believe me when I say it’s been worth every penny of the investment. The majority of my work used to be seasonal. I’d work my butt off in the school holidays and budget as best I could for the winter months. Now the school holidays are still my busiest time but I don’t have to worry so much about the winter. Since the website went live I have been able to get regular work throughout most of the year! I wholeheartedly believe this is due to Jon’s skill in design and advice in aftercare.

It doesn’t just end there though! It still takes work on your behalf. I would advise listen to the advice Jon gives about running and maintaining the site after it’s built. The importance of keeping it updated not only for security but content. In three years I now have a better online presence than most of my competitors who have been in the business much longer than me. Jon stays up to date with the latest do’s, dont’s, how to’s etc. If you stick with The Bournemouth Web Design Company you’ll not only get a great website, you’ll get great advice year after year essential for keeping you one step above the rest!

Cher Ricard

Cher’s Funky Faces